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Blunt Brothers will help you to distribute your product quickly. This will ensure high quality for the purchasing party and a higher chance to distribute to them again.


Keeping your product consistently in the dispensaries and shops will keep your company name relevant and known. Consumers will become accustom to asking for your product when they are ready to purchase.


Distributing through Blunt Brothers also means having the ability to be associated with a trusted and well known cannabis distribution company. This collaboration will help your company’s advertising and branding efforts.

What services we offer our clients:


With over a decade of experience in the marijuana industry, our sales team has expertise in all marijuana products, the markets prices and current sales trends.  This knowledge allows us to get the highest price for your product in a timely manner.  We will be giving our clients bi-weekly updates on market conditions and forecasts of the next two weeks. This will allow the producers to evaluate their product sale flow and make adjustments if needed.


Our transport team is unparalleled in the industry.  After individual orders are placed, we will provide secured and covert transport of your product and cash, to and from our distribution facility, manufacturing facility, or retail location.  We take pride in knowing that your product and cash will be securely delivered, with our fleet of covert vehicles.


Our facility is fully armed with security guards, cameras, and alarm system.  Includes 3 walk-in refrigerators and 2 walk-in freezers for temperature controlled products such as hash, oil, wax, edibles and other forms of concentrates.  Includes scanning of product in and out with daily, weekly and monthly reports.


We also offer packaging. Either supply us with your own packaging and we can individually package as orders come in.  This keeps the product fresh, options for retail stores to order specific weights and quantities and overall decreases packaging costs.  Don’t have a logo or packaging concepts yet?  Don’t worry we can set you up with our marketing company and IP team. They will help design and create your logos and packaging and secure your trademarks as well.


With years in the industry and consistent networking, we have established a large client base, in various lines of work.  From retail shops to manufacturing, processors to growers and lawyers to accountants, let us help cross market your brand.


Holding a percentage of each sale for you and paying state and federal taxes either monthly, quarterly or bi-yearly, depending on your company needs.  By keeping up with your taxes, you won’t be hit with a large sum at the end of year, will deter yearly fines and most importantly, not worrying about Uncle Sam coming after you.

What services we offer retail shops:

-One stop shop for quality flower, concentrates and edibles.  We carry the top brands, as well as up and coming brands, to provide the shop with many options, strains and flower to fill all your shelves.

-Our knowledgeable sales team can any answer any questions and educate your budtenders on product you will be carrying.

-Many of the brands we carry also offer vendor days and can be scheduled at your convenience.  Also, with some of the brands expanding their marketing outreach, there are opportunities for cross marketing of their product in your stores, to increase sales for both parties.

-Not only do we provide the delivery of our product to you in one of our armored covert vehicles, we also provide money transportation to banks or government agencies to pay your taxes.

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