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Chad White has 14 years of experience in all sectors of the cannabis industry, specializing in aiding companies in all aspects of cultivation, seed to sale systems, licensing and business operations. Since childhood, Mr. White has always exceeded in math and was in calculous as a sophomore in high school. With his mathematical mind and drive for success, Mr. White decided to use his strengths and get into the cannabis industry to help make an impact. Mr. White is a marijuana advocate and is here to make this industry strive and contribute to the local communities. During his time at Blunt Brothers, Mr. White has developed an extensive sales division for the company. With a network of over 60 dispensaries to date and a span of territories from Los Angeles to San Diego, Mr. White, has trained and managed a professional team to sell and market high quality flowers and concentrates, in order to provide dispensaries with the best product at all price points. Mr. White is active in the cannabis community and is constantly attending conventions and workshops to continue his education, as well as taking that information back to continuously train his staff. With his experience and knowledge of CA state and city regulation, Mr. White has an edge when it comes to the selling and marketing of your company’s product.


Milan Skoro is the President and sits on the Board of Directors of Blunt Brothers Distribution.  Mr. Skoro has extensive knowledge pertaining to the methods and techniques used in plant extraction and distillation. His years of experience and skill in developing these methods has led him to work in many different fields including the extraction of hops oil from hops flowers for the beer industry.

As owner of Angelwings Consulting, Mr. Skoro advises and assists in the development and structure of large-scale cultivation operations and manufacturing facilities. His experience in owning and operating large-scale light deprivations farms dates back to 2003, but his passion for agriculture dates back to an early age of when he would help his mother with their vegetable garden.

His interests in developing methods for plant extraction and distillation have led him to begin pursuing a degree in chemical engineering and materials sciences in his spare time.  Mr. Skoro enjoys traveling, golfing and fishing when he isn’t working.


James Christiansen comes from a commercial real estate background, becoming the youngest partner to date (2001) with Ashwill Associates Commercial Real Estate. After being recruited into the banking arena by Premier Commercial Bank in 2002, Mr. Christiansen became the top producing Commercial Real Estate/SBA officer from 2002-2005, leading an internal team in sales and operations. Mr. Christiansen started Premier Commercial Capital, Inc., which later was renamed to Commercial Capital of California in 2015, and is the managing member of this full service Commercial Real Estate finance company serving the western United States. In 2009, Mr. Christiansen left the banking arena and started a small business in the Health and Wellness category which generated over $18,000,000 in sales in its first 12 months. James has extensive experience in contracting and acquiring valuable real estate, as well as an understanding of the licensing and permitting requirements specific to the legal cannabis market.


Mark Johnson has 15 years of experience in large scale grow productions and has gained the recognition in the cannabis industry, which is why he is Blunt Brothers Chief Operations Officer. Growing up, Mr. Johnson worked on cars with his father and they were always outdoors. This is where he got his passion for nature and was introduced to cannabis. With his love for both cannabis and the outdoors, he decided to make it more than just a hobby. Mr. Johnson started reading books on cultivation, taking month long trips up to Emerald Triangle for hands on experience and ultimately, learned all aspects of the cannabis plant. Mr. Johnson then went on to build an efficient grow that produced flower that has won numerous awards. Working at Blunt Brothers since the beginning, Mr. Johnson has shown his knowledge for the product by continuously selling the highest quality flower and with the awards Blunt Brothers has received in the past, it shows that he knows the best of the best. The passion Mr. Johnson has for the product and community go hand in hand in all of his daily operations. From managing production and inventory, to overseeing our grower’s facilities, he continues to make our company’s vision into reality.


Josh DeGroat has been in the industry for almost a decade but has always had a passion for cannabis. Working back stage for a sound and lighting company, he had the opportunity of touring with rock bands and being on the road for years, where he grew a love for the plant. Mr. DeGroat then moved into sales, where he excelled and quickly moved up in retail management. However, after some life changing events, he decided life was too short to work a 9 to 5 and that’s when he started out at Blunt Brothers as a part time driver with the passion to turn it into his career. At his time with Blunt Brothers, Mr. DeGroat has established a large client base with the reputation of being reliable, with a love and knowledge of the product he is selling. After being with the company for 5 years and his dedication to his clients, Mr. DeGroat has been able to move into sales manager position which he oversees all product quality checks, price/market qualification and manages the drivers and their routes.


Tony D. was as “green” as the cannabis he was selling when he first started working with Blunt Brothers 4 years ago. Tony’s first encounter with cannabis was witnessing the pain dissipate from his younger sister. She had endured a traumatic brain surgery and as a result, her doctor prescribed medication which put her into a zombie like state. Tony’s sister was then recommended medical cannabis and because of it, he got his vibrant sister back. Tony was then inspired to become a medical marijuana advocate and bring its therapeutic qualities to all that could benefit. While attending school to be a line man, he used his little downtime to learn the art of growing, to become more knowledgeable of the product he was selling. Tony loves what he does, and it’s evident by how eager and committed he is to working with Blunt Brothers and the Cannabis community. Tony works alongside dispensary owners and managers to ensure that they are purchasing the correct strains to provide to their patients, as well as educates them on the particular benefits that strain provides and as a result, he has built a solid network in San Bernardino, Riverside and Los Angeles counties.

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